We've Been Busy!

Free Play ​

Thank you to our partners, Town of Springdale and Lexington County, for the terrific job on the blacktop resurfacing... the courts look like new! Now they're even bigger for the blacktop games.... kids love it!  Special thank you to Ricky Hollis and Sons for the outstanding job marking the basketball blacktop surface!  It looks like the pros!

New Pedestrian Entrance 

Thank you to Ricky Sox Fence Company for creating our new fence line off Churchdale Drive. Now folks are able to see where the new ADA parking will go and the new pedestrian entrance for "Cindy's Place". 

Thanks Juston Rikard for putting up the Bluebird boxes!

 "HIDEY HOLLER" outdoor classroom taking shape...supporting education by providing opportunity for learning outside the regular classroom.  


Thanks to our SCDOT friends for reducing the speed limit to 40 mph on Wattling Road and for the new, brighter, School Zone signage.  The majority of students attending Springdale Elementary arrive and depart from school by personal vehicle. The new speed limit should improve school traffic and pedestrian safety.


State-of-the-art electronic gaming fitness station.


The pinnacle of "Cindy's Place"!

Thank you to Todd Sease, Archie Moore, Lyn Rich Contractors, Boral Brick, Fitts Company, Lexington Medical Center and the local community for your trust in us and your gifts! Our new pavilion is incredible.  The trusses and stonework  are beautiful.  Generations to come will enjoy this special place.

"THE HIVE" outdoor classroom! Making way for outdoor education! Thanks BB&T Springdale & West Columbia Branches!