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Learn about Cindy Roof Wilkerson and the mission she started.


Learn about the mission of the Cindy Roof Wilkerson Foundation.

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Learn how the foundation began and the woman behind its name.



The Cindy Roof Wilkerson Foundation is about creating safe, healthy outdoor environments for all school children and community!


In support of Cindy's vision,  the Foundation was recently honored to make a contribution to Lincolnton Middle School in Lincolnton, NC toward development of an adaptive playground for special needs children who  then will have a safe place of their own in which to be outside and be active.   

Kudos to school leaders who recognize the need to provide these valuable health resources for elementary and middle school children! 

Asked to help support area young people given a valuable opportunity to enjoy the health benefits of running,  the Cindy Roof Wilkerson Foundation recently enjoyed partnering with a Columbia-area Run Hard program.    



Cindy Roof Wilkerson.  Daughter. Teacher.  Friend.  Wife. Dedicated, loving mother of two beautiful daughters.  Avid runner and outdoorswoman.  Well-known community advocate. Cindy was a passionate health and fitness professional who touched many lives. Often through either Sunday School, Springdale Elementary School PE classes - where she taught for 27 years - located in Springdale SC, or through health classes taught at the University of South Carolina in Columbia SC. 

Remarkably, Cindy was one of three members of her family to teach at Springdale Elementary.  Her mother taught at Springdale Elementary for 30+ years. A daughter taught there.... three generations of remarkable women committed to enhancing the health and welfare of children and community! 

Cindy was National Board Certified in PE, Springdale Elementary School Teacher of the Year, and recipient of state awards from the South Carolina Association of Health, Recreation and Dance.  She was published and a sought-after speaker at state and regional conferences.  Her earlier initiatives included conducting successful parent universities and professional development trainings to illustrate the academic significance and fun, healthy benefits of incorporating physical activity in all classroom models.

Cindy's sister also teaches Health and PE in South Carolina where she continues to receive numerous awards and recognition for her innovative methods of instruction in these fields.

Cindy used "5-2-1-0" as a routine part of each day to encourage staff and children at Springdale Elementary.  Simply taught, each day eat 5 fruits and vegetables, allow no more than 2 hours screen time, be sure to achieve 1 hour of physical activity, and drink 0 sugary drinks.  In 2011, Cindy led her school to becoming a "DHEC ALL-HEALTH Team Award Winner" and vigorously worked to accomplish improvements in school cafeteria menu choices.  "Eat This, Not That for Kids" was introduced to help school children identify healthy food choices.  

Cindy helped create a Faculty Fitness Club. Other of her efforts included the school's first Walk to School Day in 2012.  In the Fall of 2012, an afterschool "Girls on the Run Club" began, only to later become an annual tradition. 

Years earlier, Cindy helped launch special legislation (Bill S3499) to restore Physical Education as a 60-minute daily requirement for children.  That effort is ongoing.

In the Fall of 2018, following extensive renovations to Springdale Elementary School, the Cindy Roof Wilkerson Foundation hopes, with District Two Board approval, to begin efforts to further develop Cindy's Place at Springdale Elementary School. Those hopes include construction of an outdoor amphitheater, paving the existing fitness trail, purchasing and installing sensory equipment to encourage children with special challenges to participate in outdoor "play", and begin gradual introduction of exercise clusters and additional sun shades to provide children important UV protection while using outdoor equipment. 

Interested in becoming a part of what we're doing? We'd love to hear from you.  Be sure to visit our Contact page.  

pe teacher who raised the bar!
pe teacher who raised the bar!


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Her Dream for Springdale Elementary
Her Dream for Springdale Elementary

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#1 Gamecock Fan
#1 Gamecock Fan

...she taught at the University of South Carolina.

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pe teacher who raised the bar!
pe teacher who raised the bar!


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 The Cindy Roof Wilkerson Foundation was established in 2014, in honor of Cindy Roof Wilkerson, a 27-year veteran PE teacher at Springdale Elementary School (Springdale SC).

A forerunner of the current campaign against poor nutrition and physical inactivity, Cindy was compelled to address the need. In 2011, she recruited a team of teachers, parents, and community volunteers and began crafting a plan to transform her school's 1960s, 2.5-acre playground into a modern, state-of-the-art outdoor healthy fitness zone.  The zone would be the initial phase of a larger, multi-phased plan to encourage healthier eating habits and an increase in physical activity among her students and community.  ​​

In August of 2011, the team began establishing the initial groundwork for the new healthy fitness zone. On October 20, 2011 the team, along with District Two employees, presented the rendering and discussed the entire plan with the Lexington Two School Board.  Cindy left that meeting ecstatic. However; sadly, on February 25, 2012, the community lost Cindy as a result of brain tumor complications. Her passion for her students was so contagious that the team, the Foundation, and community committed to completing her dream.  So, the work continues.  Later in that same year, in honor of Cindy Roof Wilkerson, the new fitness zone was appropriately renamed "Cindy's Place."    

January 2012

Initial Clean Up Day

Cindy is all smiles as many students, parents and members of the community volunteered to clean up and prepare the grounds for her new Healthy Fitness Zone.

The Beginning
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